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One's Customs 'ROY BURNS' Friday The 13th Part 5 Figure

One figure that I've always wished that I had was the Roy Burns "Jason". Roy is one of the characters in the film Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. He was the very soft spoken paramedic who went on a killing spree while dressed as the recently deceased mass murderer Jason Voorhees. Much like Pamela Vorhess, Roy blamed others for the death of his son Joey who was killed by Victor J. Faden at the Pinehurst Halfway House where he reded. Roy's identity is eventually discovered at the movie's end, when Sheriff Tucker retrieve's Roy's wallet from his dead body, and finds a photo of Joey that he had tucked away. It was at this moment when everything was pieced together.

Although this movie isn't a big hit with most Friday the 13th fanatics, mainly due to the fact that Jason wasn't the man behind the mask. I still love it!! I loved it back in 1985 when I first went to see it in theaters, and I still love it today. Which is why I always had this figure high on my want list. The only problem was, no company has every taken the chance to sculpt one. But after year's of searching, I finally found someone that was actually working on the very figure that I've been desperately wanting forever. He's a one man show who will pretty much create anything on congnment. And the best part is, he can be found right here on HorrorBid.

I'm sure tons of you are familiar with 'One's Customs' and his outstanding work, but for those of you who aren't. I thought that I'd dazzle you with some images of my 12" 'Roy' piece that 'One' created for me. Hope you guys like 'em!!


The head sculpt is just incredible on this piece. 'One' really paid close attention to details, from the hair peaking out of the Jason hood, to the bushy eyebrows, the depiction of Roy is damn nearly flawless.


As we can see in this close-up of the mask, it's pretty accurate to the movie. 'One' did an amazing job with adding all the dirt smudges to the mask. It really gives the mask a sense of realism. The mask, which is also removable, has elastic straps which make for a better fit on Roy's melon. You won't have to worry about it slipping off, because it fits rather snugly. The light blue chevrons on both des of the mask are also movie accurate.


Roy's blue boiler suit is a close match of the movies. I really, really like all the weathering that 'One' added to the suit. You can see the two blood stained gashes in the suit which Roy sustained during his battles in the film. When Roy is briefly incapacitated after Reggie rams him with a bulldozer, he receives this nice slice across his abdomen, which 'One' recreated to a tee. The other slice, which is on the left shoulder of Roy, occurred when Pam injured him with a chainsaw. Fortunately for Roy the chainsaw ran out of gas. I like how you can see stray pieces of the thread expong themselves from the rip. Also pay close attention to the blood stained fingers of Roy. This is one of my favorite features. It adds a nice touch to the overall figure.

I also wanted to point out the back of Roy. You can see how the top, shoulder area of the outfit appears to be wet. Which is another little detail that 'One' added so that this figure would be as movie accurate as posble.


Another great feature is the dried mud stains on the shoes, as well as on the bottoms of the pants which are slightly weathered. This is just more proof that 'One' isn't stingy when it comes to adding those little details.


Roy came with two accessories, an blood stained ax and a dripping red machete. Both weapons fit perfectly in Roy's hands. And there nicely crafted, as well as detailed. Other accessories are available, such as the road flare and hedge clippers. (One, if your reading this, hook me up with these...please.)


I was equally impressed with the stand that came with this figure. As you can see in the image. There is a nice clean logo which reads, "Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning." There is also a white logo of the hockey mask. Nothing cheap about it. Overall this figure is awesome. 'One' is an amazing talent in this industry. I think of him like a bottle of fine wine because he's gets better and better with age. Thanks for creating Roy, and don't ever stop doing what you do.

If anyone is interested in this figure, you can PM 'One' right here on HorrorBid or check out his section in our forums.

Special thanks go out to Justin for hooking me up with this. Thanks Bro!!
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