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Final Destination 2 (2003)

So it's been three years, and if your not following movie news,

there's been nothing new from Final Destination, it's looking like that was it. That's fine. It was a good movie, and the ending didn't call for another one. But it showed up, and it was alright, but it just came and left.

The story is pretty weak, we start with a crash, and a vion like last time. Kimberly (played by A.J. Cook) is going off with her friends to drive some where, it really doesn't matter what they were doing, no one ever finishes what they set out to do in this series. As they get on to the highway, we get treated with a much gory vion scene then the first movie, of a highway pile up. There's log's going through peoples hears, people on fire, people ran over, etc.

So we get our group of people Death's going to pick off, time to watch the fun begin. Before the movie's done , we're greeted with

images of kid's being crush by glass, his body just exploding , impaling, decapitation, dismemberment, you name it. It happens this time. It's quite a bit more then the first movie, and I know, the first movie had some good stuff , like the train decapitation, but nothing like this. The last film worked it's way up to it, this one just throws it out at every chance it gets.

As the story moves along, we start having mini vions that we have to figure out the meaning behind, and learn that they all would of died if Alex didn't get off the plane. We also get to see Clear again, but now she's a blonde, and lives in an asylum, but that's cool. Also Alex got killed by a falling brick. How lame. He was so badass in the first, and a fucking brick takes him out. Oh well.

Anyway, I like the film, it's pretty cheesy, but the deaths are neat, and the acting isn't terrible. I mean they even got the guy who does the voice of Kratos! At least it tried to be something adult. I mean it could be all about teens at a carnival....oh wait.

Score - 80% Gore - 10/10
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