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NECA Unveils Their SDCC Exclusive WALKING DEAD ZOMBIE Bust

Fans of the hit AMC series the Walking Dead be prepared to get floored, because what I'm about to show you is going to knock you on your ass.

NECA has released an image today for their upcoming 2011 SDCC Excluve 6.5" Deer Eating Zombie Mini Bust from The Walking Dead Series. The mini bust is limited to only 1200 pieces, and it comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity gned by SFX artist Greg Nicotero, and I would be amiss not to mention how much this bust kicks some major ass. Look for this one to cost $50 at the show. Check out the image below, and then grab a paper towel to wipe the drool from your mouth.

Hopefully the cats over at NECA will release a non SDCC veron of the mini bust, because I'm sure the demand for this will exceed the supply.
Anonymous Wednesday 7/06/2011 at 10:28 PM | 78092