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Drive Thru review ( Spoilers)

Okay let me just say this is my first review ever and also to start out with a personal favorite of mine Drive Thru.

If you like horror movies to be scared then I don't recommend this but if you like a bad ass clown with a meat cleaver then I do recommend it. this movie is a comedy with gore so does it mean its bad nah. it doesn't. so as it goes on you learn about the killer's past and the victim's connection with him and everything else really its mple.

the movie is nothing special or perfect but its very gory and funny and to add the clown looks awesome and the kills are very unique. the characters are like the stereotypical teens like the white dudes who act gangsta or the punk/skater types or even the preppy teens are there too.

this is a lower budget movie but its not bad and yes some CGI is in there, now lets talk about the killer he is hilarious. his name is horny the clown and he is awesome, after each kill he makes a nice pun and a movie reference too. his weapon of choice is a custom made meat cleaver but that's not the only way he kills.

let me just say this is a movie not to take seriously and its not a block buster hit but its fun to watch and unique and please give it a shot before you make a judgment well hope you like my review

peace out my fellow horror fans.
hm4life Thursday 7/07/2011 at 06:03 AM | 78107
I liked this film a lot, a whole hell of a lot actually.

It was so fun and has great rewatchability, especially with a group.

I agree, this is not the best film made, and it may have been a lot better, but for a low budget film that went straight to video, I am very pleased.The clown rocks, typically I don't like killer clowns, but this one rocked.

He moved and looked awesome!
2LindsayMorrison Tuesday 7/12/2011 at 10:08 PM | 78390