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Everyone's favorite mogwai will be available excluvely at this years SDCC from July 21st - 24th. And this figure really looks like a real winner.

Gizmo will stand at about 3 1/2 inches tall and has very good articulation, but he is limited in poseability. (Not to worry though, because he's still so damn cool.) The overall sculpt as you can tell from the images are absolutely incredible, but then again would you expect anything less from NECA.

One neat feature that makes this figure really special is the ability to move Gizmo's eyes. mply thumb the ball in any direction and watch the mogwai’s eyes will move accordingly! Gizmo will also comes with three very cool accessories. Pre-packaged around his neck is a tiny Comic-Con attendee badge on a red (plastic) "lanyard" which is loaded with detail including the SDCC logo, "Gizmo," "Warner Bros.," "PROFESONAL," a barcode, and "San Diego Comic-Con." Gizmo also is equip with a pair of black sunglasses which are reminiscent to the ones he had in the movie. Lastly, in lieu of the celebrate Gizmo comes packaged with his very own excluve tote. Just larger than him, the blue bag has the SDCC logo on one de and the WB icon on the other.

Gizmo comes packaged securely in a sturdy clamshell, as made popular by NECA's figures.

With a great looking sculpt and some really cool accessories, Gizmo is sure to be one of the most popular excluves at this year's Comic-Con. So if your attending the show, make sure to check out #3145 for this excluve figure which is priced at $20.00.
Anonymous Friday 7/08/2011 at 10:59 PM | 78176
I wish they would sell these online and hope someone will get one and sell it .
nightmareblade Saturday 7/09/2011 at 07:48 PM | 78209