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HorrorBid is Proud To Present The Premier Of Fan-Film STAB 5

Last year a fan te dedicated to the Scream films reproduced their own veron of the movie-within-a-movie and gave us the impresve Stab 4.

Well, now the much anticipated sequel is finally here. Stab 5 is a fan-filmed movie dedicated to the Scream films, its main goal is to reproduce the fictional movie Stab. Last October Stab 4 debuted when a bunch of teens from Woodsboro, California decided it was time to resurrect the Stab series. So the group, which is in no way affiliated with Dimenon Films, launched a Facebook campaign and Stab 4 was born. Currently this project, which was directed by fan Josh Dudley, has developed a nice little cult following. Now for your enjoyment, please allow us to entertain you with the HorrorBid premier of Stab 5 in it's entirety. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Please vit the fan te or the Official Stab Movies Facebook page and voice your opinion. These guys work very hard and deserve some props.
Anonymous Saturday 7/09/2011 at 12:21 AM | 78179
I LOVED Stab 5! Definitely my ALL TIME favorite fan film! These people are so dedicated and make me smile when I see they're performances. Good job to everyone who worked on this film.
Tobyisoctopus Saturday 7/09/2011 at 02:59 AM | 78190