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Beware the Tire! RUBBER Review

Over the last few months I’ve heard nothing but praise for the supposed outlandish indie flick, Rubber. Having now screened this awkward piece of work, I can definitely confirm that it is indeed outlandish, it’s preposterous, unfathomable, and well, quite humorous in a remarkably quirky sense. With all that said, I may be being a bit kind to the feature honestly, as this movie is just…absolutely unbelievable in every sense of the word, and not likely to catch on with any form of mainstream audience.

Want the bac gist of the picture? A homicidal tire roams rural roads and destroys all living things from scorpions to humans ung a strange… telekinetic ability. Yeah, I wasn’t aware rubber had such complex capacities either.

What’s fun about the film is the openly satirical approach. As viewers, we’re informed (immediately) that sometimes, in this twisted genre, occurrences unfold for the mple sake of eating up screen time. As Lieutenant Chad (Stephen Spinella) would repeat (in a clasc narrative intro), shit happens for, “no reason”. It’s a blunt way of letting us know, this movie doesn’t mean a damn thing, and it doesn’t need to; sometimes horror is about fun, fear, laughs and nothing more.

Knowing that filmmaker Quentin Dupieux doesn’t begin to take himself (or his story) too serious is a major relief. Some of the sequences you’ll see unravel over the course of Rubber’s very brief 82 minute run time seem so nonsencal that investing the time to screen the film may be all but a waste. However, Dupieux’s self-aware approach to this one-of-a-kind project, keep the film afloat, and, admittedly entertaining.

In terms of performances, don’t expect to find any award worthy offerings, as what few key players we focus on are little more than living backdrops (ironic, when you conder Rubber’s numero uno villain is an inanimate tire). However, the acting is sound, and there isn’t too much to tackle in terms of annoying supporting characters.

With all said and done, there’s really not a whole lot to say about this film. We’re dealing with a murderous piece of rubber, and while stimulating in spots (there’s some excellent gore on display, with a handful of exploding heads that will no doubt remind you a bit of David Cronenberg’s Scanners), that’s really all there is too this spirited, and (I must confess) extremely original tale.

One thing’s for certain, I’ll keep to myself when the rubber hits the road; I like my cranium intact.

Score: C
Matt_Molgaard Monday 7/11/2011 at 04:56 AM | 78246
Very rarely do I encounter a movie that I turn off before it's over with no intention of ever finishing, but this was one of them.
gummi Sunday 7/24/2011 at 10:02 AM | 79210