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Severin Films Trailer Debut For The Horror Anthology 'THE THEATRE BIZARRE'

The theatre bizarre is a new up and coming anthology due to be released at the 2011 Fantaa Film Festival in Montreal on July 16th and will also be shown at Londons Fright Fest on Thursday August 25th. The film is a bizarre horror anthology, Set in a disused theatre where they screen 6 gruesome films to there lucky audience through out the night. Each film is directed by a different director in which they have been let loose to go as crazy as they want with there own choice of film and style which includes, Douglas Buck with "The Accident", Buddy Giovinazzo with "I Love You", David Gregory with "Sweets"

Karim Hussain with "Vion Stains", Tom Savini with "Wet Dreams" and Richard Stanley with "The Mother Of Toads"

Severin Films new trailer release for The Theatre Bizarre ENJOY........
skum13 Monday 7/11/2011 at 07:18 PM | 78262