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MTV'S Teen Wolf Good Or Bad For Horror?

Okay, at this point I think it’s safe to say we are all aware of the MTV series Teen Wolf. I personally refuse to watch anything on MTV that doesn’t involve fist pumping, but my wife quickly latched onto the show. My wife, who hates all my beloved horror films, absolutely LOVES THIS SHOW. Teen Wolf is posting proming ratings for MTV and seems to be gaining steam among the networks breakout shows. This led me to ponder, could a tween horror series that follows a show called “16 and Pregnant” actually be good for the horror genre?

The show appears to be ung the Stephanie Meyer paint by numbers kit, injecting shirtless werewolves into a cheesy high school love story, and tries painfully hard capitalize off drawing milarities to the successful (whether we like it or not, it’s successful) Twilight franchise. Be that as it may, could shows like this be instrumental in generating the interest of a new generation future horror fans?

I think most diehard fans would argue this is the exact oppote of good for horror. All this success does is reaffirm studios they can ealy cash in on PG-13 horror as long as it has high levels of teen angst and higher levels of shirtlessness. This in turn makes it more difficult to get a green light on new and original horror films, or films needing an R rating, due to the perceived uncertainty surrounding the investment.

Imagine the effects this could have… “Okay I like the pitch, Hannibal Lecter seems really scary, I just have a couple of things. Can we make the Hannibal character a junior in high school? Hear me out on this, Hopkins is out Zac Efron is in, loose the shirt, and let’s make him a cannibal who learns how to love.”
MLeeHolmes Tuesday 7/12/2011 at 02:07 PM | 78330