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Open House: Doesn't Disappoint - Fan Review

Horrorbid getting first dibs on another Horror Daily Review.

I love it when you hear nothing but bad news about a movie, and then it turns out to be quite good. It's like a little treat for my eyes. When I bought Open House I didn't know anything about it, so like any interested person, I googled a bit. Everything I remember reading about it, pointed in the direction that it wasn't a very good movie. I think they were wrong.

While at it's core the movie is a glorified slasher, I don't like it because it's a slasher. I like the characters, they were written quite well, even if the movie plays off like an R-rated Criminal Minds(minus the FBI).

The story is about a couple that has just gotten a divorce, and are now selling their house. Brother and ster killing couple supreme, David and Lila, move into the house, without buying it. They go the old fashion way of real estate, kill everyone who enters. But David starts to fall for Alice ( owner of the house), and keeps her alive in secret. Alice knows her only way to survive is to 'love' David back. How far is she willing to go to live?

While a mplistic one location story, much like Inde, most of the movie is waiting to see who will show up to be killed next. The true shinning point of the movie is in the relationship between brother and ster. They are both quite crazy, David being the Submisve and Lila, being the dominate role. The relationship also has an air of sexual tenon, which is almost creepy due to the taboo ( at least in North America) of incest.

I highly recommend the movie, just based on how fun it is to watch the blings alone. And as a plus, the deaths are pretty fun to watch.

Score - 86% Gore - 7/10
HorrorDaily Wednesday 7/13/2011 at 02:10 AM | 78464