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Review: MACABRE (2009) - the Indonesian 'Wannabe-Inside' --- (spoilers)

I've read some raving reviews about "Macabre", where some raving reviewers claim that this Aan splatterfest is the "Indonean 'Inde'" and that "it delivers the goods (...) like a well-engineered German car". Well, condering the facts that I prefer the "French 'Inde'" and that I don't like German cars, I couldn't agree more...

Good: The first half hour is creepy, highly suspenseful and atmospheric without showing any gore.

Bad: The rest of the film mainly consts of large gore amounts and hardly any suspense or creepiness.

Good: There are a few really terrific gore scenes, f.e. death by stiletto, many gruesome decapitations and a quite insane chainsaw-finale.

Bad: Unfortunately, it's 'all gore, no substance', and just 'gory for the sake of being gory'. In this case, it seriously reminded me a bit of insubstantial movies like "Train" or "Saw 4-7".

Good: It's obviously influenced by glorious French stuff like "Inde" or "Frontier(s)".

Bad: It's obviously influenced by glorious French stuff like "Inde" or "Frontier(s)".

Thumbs up for: some amazing camera work, a few great-looking settings and a few neat acting performances.

Thumbs down for: a horrendous script full of illogical plot holes and badly written characters, a really lame soundtrack and the unintentionally hilarious performance from Shareefa Daanish which I would describe as "wannabe-BĂ©atrice-Dalle".

Worth watching if you've never seen an Indonean/ngaporian movie before.
maynardmorrissey Thursday 7/14/2011 at 02:17 PM | 78631