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I Am Addicted To Snus - Bye, Bye Smokes! CAMEL SNUS VS. SWEDISH SNUS

I have had one particular nasty habit or vice, whatever you want to call it for nearly 15 years now. I have been an on again off again smoker for nearly my entire adult life. I started out as a youngster trying cigars of all things and that led to cigarettes and a battle with them throughout the years. I quite about 2 years ago and thought I was done. Things were good. I really got tired of smoking and I felt I smoked myself out. Sure I had quit before but this time it felt different. I was done, period! Until this past February that is.

Yes right back at it. Like I had never quit I picked up one cigarette while out celebrating with some friends and I knew that would led to me smoking again. If only I hadn't did it. I knew the consequences but like the dumbass in the past I did it anyway and whamo, next thing you know I am buying packs and cartons.

Shortly after I became ck of smoking again. Sure it is great everyone in awhile but you smokers no how fatigued you can get trying to smoke this day in age. Making sure you have a pack, making sure you can smoke at said place, enduring thousand degree summer heat just to get a nicotine fix. I wanted out again and that led me to something called Camel SNUS.

I picked up two cans of Camel SNUS nearly a month ago. It is loosely based off of the Swedish Snus which is a pasteurized tobacco product that is flavored with mint, etc. and contained in a small, tea-type of bag that holds the tobacco. Much like American dip this product comes in tins but the one difference is, because it is pasteurized, there is no need to spit. You mply place the pouch in your gums, like dip, and enjoy. The pasteurization kills the nasty chemicals that tobacco can produce and thus doesn't cause harm to your innards like swallowing a mouth full of SKOAL would. The Camel SNUS was sufficient but after doing a lot of research I started to learn a bit more.

That brings me to present day. I learned that Swedish Snus is not only a much better product but it also is nearly healthy. Now how is the posble? The tobacco they use and the way the process it drastically reduces the bad chemicals in tobacco even more so than the American knock-offs. For nearly 30 years the Swedish population has had the least amount of cancer cases in the entire world. Namely because nearly all of the country uses Snus and not cigarettes. While there is still a bit of a risk of pancreatic cancer the normal mouth cancer and lung cancer risks are null and void. The product has been used there for decades and is widely used throughout Europe.

I recently found a webte ( ) that sells the real Swedish Snus. I orded a few tins of what is called THUNDER Sunus. It comes in a variety of moist pouched flavors (24 puches instead of the American SNUS which contains on 15). I prefer the new flavor Cola (yes, like a Coke) because of the light minty taste combined with a strong Cola burst of flavor. These suckers pack a walloping 16mg of Nicotine. Not for the faint of heart but if you were a smoker or dipper these are a must to start out with. The American Camel Snus has only 8mg of Nicotine but only 3mg of that are what they call, "free" nicotine. What does that mean? Well, American companies don't want you to quite quit smoking (that is there bread and butter) but they are ok with you supplementing your smoking in-doors and other places you couldn't smoke. Thus the low Nicotine level.

The comparison is crazy. Camel Snus is fine but is bacally like putting a mint in a getting a small dose of Nicotine. THUNDER snus will literally wake you up in the morning with its punch, again not for the faint at heart. The Nicotine in THUNDER snus is all natural and not artificial like you may find in stop smoking ads and other tobacco products. Bacally, it causes your pulse to beat a bit fast but no other real de effects and nothing in the ballpark of smoking which uses fire cut tobacco and contains tons of nasty chemicals.

If you can quit all together you should. But if you can't and you want to try something different, try snus. Go Swedish if you can but regardless it has been a big change and a fantastic replacement for my nasty, smokey habit.

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