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Underrated Classic Horror: "MAGIC" Review **SPOILERS INCLUDED**

"Abra-cadabra! I t on his knee; Presto-Chango! And now He's me! Hockus-Pokus, we take her to bed; Magic is fun!... We're Dead."

MAGIC is an under appreciated horror movie, in my opinion. Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors ever, gives a great performance as Corky, a ventriloquist who is slowly going insane.

It all starts when he buys a dummy to aid him in his failing magic show. The show becomes very popular with the new addition, and Corky is offered a shot at going on national TV. He runs away, taking his dummy, Fats, with him, because of pressure from the network. They end up at a motel run by Corky's high-school crush, Peg. Corky and Peg decide to run off together, leaving Fats and Peg's Husband behind. Fats becomes outraged that Corky would leave him, and soon Fats is in complete control over Corky. He forces Corky to kill Peg's husband, and then Corky's talent agent arrives to try to convince Corky to take the televion job, so Fats has Corky dispose of him too.Fats then orders him to kill Peg. Corky defies Fats, instead stabbing himself. He then returns to his cabin, and has his final "conversation" with Fats.

Hopkins' performance was incredible, and the character of Corky was really believable. I am a big fan of Hopkins, and this is one of my favorite movies with him (after lence of the Lambs, of course). The dummy, Fats, is extremely creepy. He is definitely my favorite doll / dummy from any horror movie. The way Corky believes that he is alive, and holds conversations with him (much like Norman and his mother in PSYCHO) is extremely eerie.

This is a great film, with good acting, lots of suspense, and one seriously screwed up ventriloquist and his extremely creepy doll. If you find this on DVD or BluRay, buy it.
Kidtut Saturday 7/16/2011 at 07:55 PM | 78797