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Darkness Falls Review

I just finished watching Darkness Falls from 2003, so what better time to do a review while it`s still fresh in my head. I have seen this movie before when it was first released back in 03 but I didn`t really give it any thought condering i was only 13 at the time, but after re-watching this movie i really enjoyed it. One thing i would like to point out is the milarities between A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 remake and DF, from the fairy tale book to the sleep terrors to the kids hurting themselves to stay away etc.. it seemed some what of a copy and paste, maybe a lil ripped off from Nightmares behalf. Anyways I thought this was a pretty good movie nothing special but the fact that they made something so normal as the tooth fairy and turned it into a horror movie really shows the diverty in horror films. The acting for the most part was good, from the main character Kyle, and Caitlyn(Sorry if misspelt). This movie also reminds me of a video game named Alan Wake if anyone has played it you should know what i`m talking about then. The ending was the only thing i disliked, not hated but disliked, the fact that she the Tooth Fairy killed everyone so ealy and you never really got to see how except a neck snap, but it took her forever to try and kill Kyle when she could of ealy broke his neck like the rest. Overall i really enjoyed this film a great take on an old story. I recommend anyone to watch it or rewatch it and just take it all in maybe even look for the milarities i was talking about. I guess if i had to rate this film out of 10 it would be a solid 7.5. I would love to know all your thoughts on the film as well!
AJxSCREAMx87 Sunday 7/17/2011 at 03:04 AM | 78820
Long before director Liebesman created some awesome shockers ("TCM: The Beginning", "The Killing Room") and even longer before he destroyed modern action cinema ("Battle L.A."), he kicked off his career with this lame horror flick about the evil Tooth Fairy.

There are 2 really terrific scenes: the impresve opening including a really cool intro and a few heart-stopping moments, and the action-packed climax in the lighthouse. The soundtrack is pretty roung, most of the settings look pretty neat, it's beautifully filmed and the Tooth Fairy itself was very well degned.

Unfortunately, everything else pretty much sucks. The plot is quite lly, the predictable and largely unsuspenseful script was badly written; hardly any tenon or atmosphere in here. Many scenes that try to be scary, aren't scary at all. Many scenes that try to be tense, are just tediously boring Nearly every adult character is annoying and the acting is extremely dull (most notably Emma Caulfield and Chaney Kley). Furthermore, the kills are all completely disappointing and many of the CGI effects look just awful.

Recommended only to people who 'enjoyed' stuff like "The Haunting (1999)".

maynardmorrissey Sunday 7/17/2011 at 05:29 AM | 78825