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My Sexual Misadventure : Trailer Park Of Terror Review

What does drugs, Aan massage, deals with the devil, and deep fried jerky all have in common? Well that's an easy one, they're all at the Trailer Park Of Terror!Trailer Park Of Terror is an odd movie, based on a comic which is more then likely odder, but I haven't read it. It's a movie about a zombie trailer park, filled with gore, sex, and hit or miss humor. So why don't you t down with me for a minute and we'll take a look inde.The film starts with Norma, a sweet trailer park slut trying to leave the trailer park with her boyfriend. He see's her for the good in her, and doesn't care about any of the rest, isn't that sweet. But through some very witty dialog we're shown just how shitty life is in the trailer park, nce all the people in it are absolute assholes, who get her lover killed. This leads Norma to make a deal with a very well acted devil, go back to the trailer park, kill everyone, and burn it down with her inde. Ouch.Jump forward 20-30 years, we're following a bus of troubled teens, and their youth pastor who have the misfortune of crashing just outde of the trailer park. But wait, didn't I just say it was burned to the ground? That's right, I did, but it's back. As they go to look for help they come across Norma, and the ghoulish trailer park inhabitants. Will they make it through the night, or will they never again leave the Trailer Park Of Terror? I like this film, but just barely, it borders on the line. Now that being said, you'll be expecting a 50ish rating, but no. The reason it borders on the line is the humor, it's very very sexual. We're talking hand jobs to corpses, rape, abuse, prostitution, and more, and it's all done in a comedic way. I found some of it funny, but it really felt like they just keep throwing it at you for shock value, and I got bored of it quickly. Bedes that it really is a fun movie.There is a lot of gore in this one, but none of it is realistic. There's your dismemberment, and people being eaten, shot etc.

But one scene did seem to stand out above the rest. One of the ghouls, is making jerky out of one of the teens, cuts off his skin, and shoves it in his mouth. The way the skin looked, was quite disgusting. That is followed up by the kid, now completely skinned, being deep fried alive. The acting in this movie is nothing special from the teens or Norma, but the other members of the Trailer Park Of Terror ( sorry I just love that name) are acted out quite well, and are always a treat when their on the screen.

Even the guy who constantly plays guitar on the roof of his trailer. At least the songs are good.

Check this one out if your in the mood to turn your mind off, and just watch some ghouls wreck havoc on some kids.

Score - 69% Gore - 9/10
HorrorDaily Friday 7/22/2011 at 01:09 AM | 79093