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Very Special Score! Michael Myers' Head!

Hey guys, I have a really cool and unique score! It is a prop of Michael Myers' decapitated head!

It is based on Chaos! Comics Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes by Phil Nutman and Daniel Farrands. The story blends, fairly seamlessly, both the H20 and Thorn Canons.

At the end of the story it is revealed that Laurie has "become" Micheal.

She took his head and displayed it(along with the bodies of Bob, Annie and Lynda) Jack-O-Lantern style in the Wallace House. Here is a picture from the comic:

Here are the pictures of the prop that I had made:

"Laurie is a textbook case of 'Psychotic Personality Transference'--She needed to relive the original night of terror. After she killed Michael in California last year, she took his head as a kind of trophy. But that wasn't enough to make the fantasy real. Over time, she couldn't survive without the idea of Michael, so in essence she 'became him'."-Dr.Bloch ~HALLOWEEN III:THE DEVIL'S EYES~

~Michael Myers Head~ Created By:Ron McLellen Based on Artwork By: David Brewer and Justiniano

Michael Aspinwall Friday 7/22/2011 at 12:19 PM | 79119