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ANTI CHRIST: Best movie I've seen in years Review

I'm warning everyone right now, this will be a vague review. There is just too much going on in this movie for me to explain, and I don't want to spoil anything, but I will be leaving a link at the bottom to a essay about the film, but don't read it without watching the movie first.

The story follows a couple, after the lost of their child. The mother is in a very bad state, on a lot of medication, too much according to the husband, who is a therapist. So he decided to treat her himself, and heads out to "Eden", the name they call their cabin in the woods. Things take off from there.

The film is what I would describe as a slow burn, but it picks up speed along the way. Now, this is not one to show near any kids, as some of the scenes border on pornography, showing insertion, and masturbation, all real, no props etc.

The story you will find hard to follow, without much knowledge of the bible. And the movie doesn't care. It doesn't explain a fucking thing to you, it's all for you to figure out. I personally love it.

You have to see this film. Have to.

Score - 98% Gore - 10/10

Read this after you've seen the film. Even if you understand it already, I think it is a good read. ... ntichrist/
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