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NECA Unveils The TERMINATOR Collection Series 2 At SDCC

NECA proved once again today why their such a dominant force in the entertainment collectible industry. Feast your eyes on the newest series from their Terminator Collection, which was on display today at the Comic-Con.

Series 2

which includes Battle-Damaged Tech Noir T-800, Police Assault T-800, and Steel Mill T-1000 is scheduled for release this fall.

Pictured Below From Left To Right: Battle-Damaged Tech Noir T-800, Police Assault T-800

Pictured Below: Steel Mill T-1000

NECA also hinted at the posblity of releang a Kyle Reese figure, as well as a Battle-Damaged T-800 as seen at the end of the first film (half cyborg, half human) in a posble third series.
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