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Prom Night and Quarantine 27 x 41 Posters for Sale!

I've got Prom Night and Quarantine 27 x 41 movie posters I'm getting rid of because I'm redoing my room with new horror movie posters.

Conditions of posters: Prom Night has a few wrinkles and has holes on the corners from thumb tacks.

Quarantine has quite a few wrinkles, holes in the corners from thumb tacks, and some tear on the corners from me nearly falling to my death putting it up on my wall -_- I will only accept payments through paypal, I do not charge for shipping, and I provide free tracking!

I want to sell them as a pair so if you are interested please reply with a offer! =D
BloodyAdored Wednesday 7/27/2011 at 05:34 AM | 79358