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New Teaser Trailer For Adam Sotelo's Indie Flick 'PERSEVERATION' Is Quite Disturbing

We just received the controveral teaser trailer from the film Perseveration by newcomer Adam Sotelo, which is being billed as "the most offenve, disturbing, grotesque independent film of all time."

There's not too many details to report on this one, but writer/director Adam Sotelo is telling us to strap ourselves in because we will enter his mind as he takes us on a journey to hell and back.

This film will not only shock you, it will disgust you, and leave you guesng. From what we saw we love it! Check out the trailer below, and let us know if it get's your seal of approval.

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Anonymous Thursday 7/28/2011 at 03:59 AM | 79433
Wow that was a great teaser! Although the overall look was outlandishly milar to Hostel and Saw, this looks like it could be the next big nasty film that has everyone talking.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to finding out more!
joshk1986 Thursday 7/28/2011 at 08:48 AM | 79446