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Melancholia: Life Is Only On Earth, And Not For Long (Trailer)

Melancholia, directed by Lars Von Trier Antichrist is a up and coming film about the posbility of the end of the world and a family drama when Justine kirsten dunst is alienated from her own wedding.

The film is a two part film with one about an alienated woman at her wedding who leaves the party and is seen starign at a star through out the wedding, which is called off by her husband to be, which leads her to depreson.

Where it leads us too part two of the film where she arrives at a castle where her ster, husband and son lives, We find out that the star has disappeared and a lone planet called Melancholia has appeared, Justines ster is worried about the planet pasng, but her husband ever so fascinated watches it as it passes earth, But ends up overdong later as the star has turned back around....But will it hit earth?No the film is not a horror but a science fiction drama, But i think that it should fit in with the horror category as there is an awful lot of speculation about the end of the world and 2012, Planet X, Nibiru and the government knowing about this 12th planet and openly broadcasting the findings years ago just to try to cover it up today.

The stories, religious beliefs and conspiracies

make a wonderful edition to the movie market in which they can exploit and use for absolutely brilliant story lines, Mixed with the abstract ideas, art and filmography of Lars Von Trier and you have a masterpiece, A dramatic story of what once was a couples life filled with love, only to have the posbility that all life may end.

I think that this film will be outstanding and i cannot wait to see it...
skum13 Friday 7/29/2011 at 09:26 AM | 79510