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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - The Seriously Ultimate Edition Blu-ray

Tobe Hoopers 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - The Seriously Ultimate Edition

A three disc, metal cased gem of a box set, This seriously ultimate edition is a must have for your collection. Containing over 240 minutes of bonus footage this has all the interviews, outtakes, bloopers, commentaries that any hardcore fan could want.

This movie looks rough not because the blu-ray is a poor upgrade but because thats the nature of the movie itself. Blu-ray is set up to present movies in thier most authentic theatrical state, that said Texas chainsaw looks dog rough because it was made on a shoe string budget. The DVD edition isn't too different from the blu ray upgrade, but for this price it's worth picking up for the shead load of extras and the slight improvment of video quality.

Disc one contains the main feature and two commentaries, the first being actors Marilyn Burns, Paul Partain, Allen Danziger and degner Robert A Burns and compered by David Gregory, providing some inghts into the film. The second commentary is with Hooper, Gunnar Hansen and Daniel pearl, about the process of the filming and how hard certain scenes were to shoot.

Disc two has 'the shocking truth' explaining the story of how the film got made, with interviews from cast and crew. Also with talks about the sequels Also on the second disc is a short film that follows Gunnar Hansen as he returns to the house where they filmed The texas chainsaw massacre, with interviews from, Terri Mcminn and Ron Bozman, who explains how he met Hooper first as an actor and how he got involved with the texas chainsaw massacre.

Disc three begins with Flesh wounds, A documentary film about how the lives were inspired and caught up in the texas chainsaw massacre, Including Daniel Pearl, Gunnar Hansen, Edwin O'Neill who played the hitch hiker and a look into the conventions and fan culture of which the film has inspired.

Also included on this disc is an interview with Tobe Hooper on the film and what it was based on at the time. Kim Henkel is also interviewed on this dvd disc before we can go on to The TV spots and trailers which have been put on to a compilation as well as the radio spots.

Ending with a compilation of all the deleted scenes, alternative footage, bloopers and with Two picture galleries containing around 70 stills, photographs and lobby cards.
skum13 Friday 7/29/2011 at 10:34 AM | 79514
NIIIICE!!! I'll be scooping this bad boy for sure.
Ryn Friday 7/29/2011 at 09:31 PM | 79545