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Trackman review : The heist wasn't the only thing that didn't work

This review is going to be a little unfair. I sat down in bed, where I have a tv and dvd player set up, but no remote for either, so I can only hit play, can't go through set up, etc. I didn't know this was a Rusan movie, I thought it was just your typical low budget american slasher. If I had known I would of saved it so I could of watched it in the original language, but in this case, I watched the dub. The story in Trackman is mple. Bank heist goes wrong, take hostages, and proceed into an abandoned subway system. People tell a story about a murdering freak, effected by the Chernobyl incident, who kills anyone that comes down. This is the only back story we get for our killer, a man who slowly picks them off, and removes the eyes.The characters in this, or at least in the dub, are so annoying, you just can't wait to see them get killed. Until you do see them killed, then your just left wondering, was that it? The deaths in the movie are clearly done on a low low budget, and are over before they even started.

The first part of the movie, the robbery, seems to be where most of the budget went, it looks good, the location is huge, nicely lit, and there's some cool gun action for a minute. After that though, when we get into the subway system, all of the locations look the same, there's a mist that doesn't go away, and just helps to disguise the re-used locations. The lighting in the subway too seems to change from shot to shot, even if it's the same scene.In the end it comes down to one of the criminals, and one of the hostages, and the criminal keeps going back and risking his life to save her. This seemed very out of character as they originally were just going to kill the hostages when they no longer needed them, so why risk your life for one? Also, the killer seems to change his motives, going from killing people without any remorse, to tying one up as a hostage in his lair, just so he could be saved later.The very last scene of the movie, and while you might call this a spoiler it doesn't make enough sense to be, shows that the killer was ease dropping on the criminals while they made there plan for the robbery. Why does it make no sense? Well mply, if he was up there ease dropping on them, and that's how he knew they'd be down there, then how is it he had a whole set up down in the subway system for removing eyes, etc. It just didn't seem to fit.I wanted to like this one, I was willing to look past the terrible dub ( they tried to match it to the peoples mouths, so sentences just seem to stop half way), and the re-used sets, but in the end it just fell flat. The characters motivations don't make sense, and shit just seems to happen, with no idea why, or how. I'd avoid this one, unless you really want to see what low budget Rusan horror is like.

Score - 15% Gore - 4/10
HorrorDaily Saturday 7/30/2011 at 12:05 AM | 79557