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McFarlane Toys Is Releasing New B&W Exclusive Variant Figures From 'The Walking Dead' Line

McFarlane Toys has teamed up with Toys 'R Us and Diamond Comics to bring us this unique pair of black & white excluve figures from the upcoming Walking Dead line which I'm sure is going to please any comic book perfectionist.

These figures feature all of the detail, accessories, and play action of the standard full-color figures, but are painted in shades of gray, reminiscent of the stark gray tones used by colorist Cliff Rathburn in The Walking Dead comic book.


Fans of The Walking Dead may have noticed a couple of unexpected figures on display in the Diamond Comic Distributors booth at San Diego Comic-Con last week: black & white verons of the Zombie Lurker and Zombie Roamer. For a touch of extra horror, these figures include not just black & white paint, but also a spray of red blood splatter! These bloody, black & white zombies will be available only as a 2-pack, and are set to release this September along with the rest of The Walking Dead comic book figures. The Bloody Black & White Zombie 2-Pack is excluve to Diamond Comics.


Everyone knows The Walking Dead is a zombie comic book, but it's the human characters that keep readers coming back for each new issue. We couldn't deny them the black & white treatment, and who better to start with than the main character himself, Officer Rick Grimes? The Black & White Officer Rick Grimes figure features gray-tone paint, plus matching black & white accessories including his police bag, shotguns, pistol, and axe. This figure is excluve to Toys "R" Us stores, and will be on shelves this September.

Be sure not to miss the rest of The Walking Dead Comic Series 1, featuring full-color verons of Rick, Michonne, and the two zombies, available this September at Toys "R" Us, Barnes & Noble, Hastings Entertainment, and comic book stores everywhere.
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