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The Top 4 UK horror tours.

A Few of the English And Scottish best scares. There may be more out there but these are definitely the best that i can think of to advise people to go to for any real life scares, educational fear or just some plain old fun.

NUMBER 1 Edinburgh's City Of The Dead Tours.

Underground City Of The Dead A section of Edinburgh’s legendary Underground City, where a population once lived in utter misery.

Black as Satan’s jammies, with a fascinating history to match, these vaults were forgotten for centuries and only recently unsealed. This part of the South Bridge Vaults is known as Damnation Alley. With good reason.

These dark tunnels and are stalked by a malevolent presence known as the South Bridge Entity. Underground City of the Dead is researched and written by the award winning novelist and historical author, Jan-Andrew Henderson.

The story of this hidden metropolis is told in his book

City Of The Dead Graveyard Tour The Graveyard tour combines the weirdest history with the wildest stories and wickedest humour around. This tour even has a unique t shop - located in a graveyard funeral parlour! Best of all, City of the Dead has access to the Covenanters Prison and the Black Mausoleum - lair of the world famous Mackenzie Poltergeist . An encounter with the poltergeist is the highlight of the tour, with hundreds of people claiming to have been attacked by the enitity. The MacKenzie Poltergeist is now regarded as the best documented supernatural case of all time and the tour has become equally famous - the subject of a book as well as scores of televion documentaries, newspaper articles and webtes. A careful blend of fascinating history and distinctive humour, culminating in a genuinely terrifying experience has made the Graveyard Tour a phenomenon.

The Secret of Gilmerton Cove Under the streets of Edinburgh’s South de lie a mysterious maze of rooms and passageways named Gilmerton Cove But just what was the Cove? Witches Coven? Smugglers Den?

Hellfire Club? Covenanter Church?

Templar Hideout?

Masonic Lodge? Nobody knows for sure! Dare you venture into these secret tunnels to work it out for yourself?

Plus double dead tours, children's tours, history tours and private/party tours

NUMBER 2 London horror tours: Jack The Ripper Walking Tour "As you walk down cobble stone roads and dark alleyways 19th century London materialises. While being guided by one of Britain's top experts upon the subject, you will try to unmask Jack the Ripper. Was he a prince, a cobbler or the guides Great-Grandfather? The press credited the Ripper with 14 murders, Scotland Yard's web te lists 11 official victims. We will vit the tes of 7 victims in an hour and three quarters. You will vit the place of the last victim Francis Cole's Feb 1891, then Stride 1888(same spot), Tabram 1888 and Mackenzi 1889. London Horror Tours is the only Jack the Ripper walk to vit these murder victims. Your guide spent his early years and his teens in the Whitechapel area. Being born in the east end, he developed a keen sense of the area knowing the passages, alleys, courts and roads, becoming able to quickly move across the district.

Vampire Walking Tour. This is the one and only original Dracula tour operating in London with an incite into the mind of Dracula. You will see Dracula's House, Highgate Cemetery, the strangling ghost of graves and vampires. You will also see the Highgate Woods where satanists and witches performed their rites in the 1970's, vit the haunts of serial killer Dennis Nielsen, and much more!

AND THE NEW - The Ghost Tour

The Ghost walk starts off at St Paul's tube station and covers a variety of ghosts from old London town. Tales of horror to make you shiver including haunted pubs, eerie churches and St Paul's. Also included are some ghastly true tales from the Old Bailey and Newgate Prison

NUMBER 3 Edinburgh horror tours

Gallows To Grave Our 18th Century Guide will reveal dark secrets, take you to the actual ghts where murder, punishments and hangings took place. We have been known to carry out the odd hanging ourselves! Discover why some of our city’s inhabitants were sealed in their homes eventually becoming their tombs. We guarantee mayhem, mystery and nightmares, as we go ghost hunting and attempt to reach the spirits of old Edinburgh as we tap in to the re-creations of psychic phenomena. Go in search of orbs, ghosts and poltergeist activity all brought to life by our talented guides. This tour terminates inde the private and locked Covenanters’ Prison and Dark Mausoleum. Tapping in to psychic phenomena, we search for orbs, ghosts and poltergeist activity. Capture on your camera the “Sea Of Faces” developing through the ancient stonework. Edinburgh’s spookiest tour awaits its next victims! So why not join us on the Royal Mile, outde the Fringe Box Office / Police Museum? The Deacon will take you on a nerve wracking tour through the streets and closes of old Edinburgh. You can imagine just what lies in wait for you all!

Ghost Hunt like any good tour it has the ability to make you laugh. Albeit a very nervous laugh! On this tour, many have had real ghost and poltergeist experiences, some discovering phycal marks with long deep scratches being the most common. Our Ghost Tour mixes incredible history, dark humour and fascinating stories of Auld Edinburgh streets and closes. Our 18th Century Guide will share his knowledge of old Edinburgh with a deeper level of the dark de of Edinburgh than most others. Murders, public hangings, witch-hunts and torture took place in this city. Plagues, fires and miserable living conditions all play a part in why this city is deemed to be the most haunted in Britain.

NUMBER 4 The York Dungeons

Not so much a tour but an educational scare.. but still to make it into the top 4

Escape the burning flames in Cliffords Tower, Wander through the plague ravaged streets, Meet the real Guy Fawkes who will tell you the true story of the Gunpowder plot, Experience the presence of ghosts which will chill your very bones, Enter the labyrinth of the lost roman legion, Meet the notoriuous Viking leader Eric Bloodaxe in Bloody Vikings, The Judge then knows exactly what you've been up to in the 17th century court room. Will you escape the torture chamber alive? Your punishment will be harsh! Travel to the dark depths of the dungeons of York prison, where murderer, theif and torturer Dick Turpin the infamous highwayman awaits his fate. Fight to your glorious death or peril in pathetic defeat in Gladiators of York. The Witch hunt is on!

Hear the screams and feel the heat in Witches: Burned alive.
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