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ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (zombies unter kannibalen): 3D TIN EDITION

Just found an amazing copy of zombie holocaust on DVD at in Which, I would happily give my left arm to any zombie to get my greedy right hand on this edition!! I have not yet bought this gem and cant find for sure a hundred percent on what the bonus features are but i will update as soon as i have enough funds to get it!

dvd: A Fantastic collectors edition disc with a very nice looking 3d steel tin book cang.

Limited in numbers and a very cool edition to any zombie lovers collection.

plot: In New York, body parts are misng in a hospital where Dr. Dreylock teaches anatomy. When one cannibal worker is killed after taking the heart of a corpse, Dr. Dreylock's asstant and anthropologist Lori Ridgeway recognizes the gnal of a tribe in the Moluccas Island that worships the god Kito. Dr. Peter Chandler organizes an expedition to Moluccas with his asstant George Harper and invites Lori and the journalist Susan Kelly to travel with him. They meet Doctor Obrero that asks his servant Molotto to guide the group to Kito. Once in the island, they are hunted by hunger cannibals and zombies, and they find a dark secret about the spot.
skum13 Saturday 7/30/2011 at 11:32 PM | 79603