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Get Hammered In The Latest SWEATSHOP Trailer: DVD Hits Streets September 13th

On September 13th filmmaker Stacy Davidson's long awaited sophomore feature Sweatshop will finally venture out onto the streets DVD style, so you better run for cover because "the Beast' is about to be unleashed, and he's taking no prisoners.

Sweatshop was written by Stacy Davidson and Ted Geoghegan. The film stars Ashley Kay, Peyton Wetzel, Julin, and Danielle Jones. Check out the latest blood soaked trailer from Screen Media Films and let us know what you think.

Plot Synops:

Charlie and her friends break into an abandoned warehouse and begin setting up an impromptu party. Unbeknownst to them, something lurks in this dark place... a presence so horrific, so monstrous, it has no name. Fueled by uncontrollable, unprovoked rage, this Beast knows only one thing - Charlie and her companions chose the wrong building, and they're about to pay for it.
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