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My Mother Always Told Me "WE ARE WHAT WE ARE": Review

Hey guys, I'm doing this up on my vacation as a horrorbid excluve review, cause I just can't stay away for that long. On the first night of my vacation I lucked into a friend having netflix for the night. They were in bed so I had to pick a movie with subtitles, so I did it at random. Lady luck loves me.

We are what we are is a Mexican film directed by Jorge Michel Grau, who I'm hoping goes up in the world now, about the not so mple life after a

death in the family. The movie starts with a man dying in a mall, and in a chilling scene which I hope doesn't describe life in Mexico, they just move his body and mop the blood up, like it's an every day occurrence. Something I noticed while watching was the dramatic change in how crime is looked at compared to how it would be approached in North American film making.

That death was of our main family's dad, leaving behind a wife, two sons, and a daughter. With their Dad dead, and his buness being shut down because of it, they are left to deal with the grief and pain that one is left with. They are also stuck needing to find some one for their ritual tomorrow. Some one tasty.

I loved this movie, right from the get go it just grabs you and pulls you in, but not like most horror movies. Where we would jump scares, there are none, where they would rely on gore, the camera is angled just right, just when you think you know what comes next, curve ball. I don't remember hearing any muc in the film either, and I hope on a re-watch that I am right about that, I think a score would take away from the power this film hits with.

The main highlight of the film is in the characters, and the wonderful actors that play them. I'm not going to list a bunch of names, because everyone of the family members gives an absolutely stunning performance. I might think differently if I spoke the language, but I found them to be the main drawing point in the movie. You can really feel how messed up this family is, from their body language towards each other, to their off putting and odd customs. The family is just astounding, you have the older brother who's story is like a coming of age film, the younger brother that must learn to accept he's not ready, the grieving spiteful mother, and the ster. Oh the ster, there's quite an intense character. The ster clearly psychological controls the whole family, even though she is the youngest, everyone listens to her, and she knows the power she holds, you can see it in the way she walks, the look in her eye, and the way she talks. Give that actress an award please.

So if by now your still reading this, what the hell are you doing, turn on your netflix, or get to the nearest dvd store, this one is solid gold.

Score - 98% Gore - 8/10
HorrorDaily Tuesday 8/02/2011 at 09:37 AM | 79748