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SyFy Original Movie 'MOTHMAN' Spreads It's Wings This October Onto DVD

Horror aficionados will have a new reason to hide under their beds this Halloween, as Lionsgate gears up to release the super creepy flick Mothman onto DVD this October. The film which was A Syfy Original Movie Event, debuted to more than two million viewers in April 2010. Starring sci-fi fan favorite Jewel Staite (TV's "Stargate Atlantis") as an aspiring journalist who must return to her hometown - and the scene of her teenage crimes - to cover a story.

Look for Mothman to be available in stores on October 25th.

No specs or DVD art have been released yet.

Plot Synops:

Desperate to put the horrific events of her past behind her, Katherine (Staite) relocates to Washington, DC after high school to become a journalist. Ten years later, she is summoned back to her hometown to cover the annual Mothman Festival. There she must face her estranged friends, and the life-altering drowning they covered up as high school seniors. The group begins to experience terrifying vions, and soon figure out that the Mothman isn't a mere fairy tale... and it wants its revenge for their crime.

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