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AMC President Talks About Why They Cut The Budget For THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 2

Talk about clear as mud! is reporting on an interview by Deadline they had with AMC Predent Charlie Collier about the budget cut that many speculate could be part of the reason that Frank Darabont jumped shipped just over a month ago. A lot of nonsencal information is given but there is little doubt that the network cut the budget and for what reason? You be the judge.

Q: Did you cut the budget on "The Walking Dead" in Season 2?

Collier: If you look at pilot budgets vs. pattern budgets, usually the pilot budget is much higher than what ends up being the pattern budget. With "The Walking Dead", instead of doing a pilot, we went straight to 6 episodes because we believed in the team and the talent in front and behind the camera. Then we came back with a 13-episode second season, and amortization over 13 episodes is very different than over 6. But we settled into one of the highest pattern budgets for a bac cable series.

Q: So the overall budget for Season 2 is lower than Season 1 because of the amortization factor?

Collier: We went straight to series with the first season serving in many ways as a pilot, and then we have settled into a 13-episode pattern budget.

Crystal clear isn't it? Look for the series premiere on October 16th during AMC's annual Fearfest.

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