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New Showtime Video Take Us Behind-The-Scenes For DEXTER Season SIX

Dexter is back in Season x which debuts on October 2nd, and this season marks the return of his dark passenger. He's renewed, recharged and ready to take on some fateful adversaries. And I can't wait to watch him do it.

To get us all into the pre-game mode, Showtime has released this really cool behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the upcoming season - wasn't that nice of them?

To catch you up to par Dexter Morgan spent Season Five atoning for the death of his wife, Rita. He committed to being a part of her children's lives and entered into a deep, pasonate relationship with Lumen, unlike anything he'd ever had before. But Dexter's need to kill overpowers his dere for human connection. And now that one person knows the truth about him, and a few others are close, how much longer will America's favorite serial killer be able to keep his dark de a secret?jumps ahead a year, and we find that Dexter has gotten his groove back. He's over Rita and Lumen and for a while at least is in a very potive place in his life, and now in season 6, we find out that a years has passed and Dexter has gotten his swagger back. He's over Rita and Lumen and he now seems to be in a very potive place in his life.
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