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Basketweave, Proving you can make a film in 2006 look like it was made in the 80's!

Yet again another review from a movie I got from Dollar Tree. This little gem is a movie called Basketweave which is from 2006 however the film quality, special effects, and muc make this movie look like it is from the 80's! No joke! This film proves it is posble to make a modern day movie look and sound like an 80's movie but with cell phone, modern cars, etc; it was very odd! haha!

Basketweave storyline is... "After her parents are killed by the psychotic Basketweave, 10 year old Ally Van Duren is committed to an insane asylum. Ten years later she is still there, now a beautiful young woman who is terrorized by a sadistic nurse. Like many patients at the asylum, Ally is forced to take masve doses of experimental drugs developed by the manager of the institution, the secretive Dr. Emil Stravinsky. As she consumes more and more of these drugs, she becomes lost in hallucinogenic dream world where she encounters her horrifying past, present, and future"

To start off this movie you will hear a "holy" like chanting nging BASKETWEAVE over and over again just incase you forgot what the name of the movie is that you are watching. :)

The slasher in this film is named Basketweave played by Vance Strickland which I honestly enjoyed! I felt Strickland did a wonderful job. There was a monologue in the beginning of the film that he did which really sold me.

As for the rest of the cast they were alright, some good, some not.

I felt the concept was great for the film but executed VERY poorly! Like I said before it looked like an 80's movie with a touch of acid and a cheesy porno. This is one film I would remake if I was a famous horror director for sure.

Rating wise I would give this film a 3 out of 10 because this film does have a lot of potential, it kept me interested, and I loved Vance Strickland playing Basketweave.

Things I learned from this film.... 1. If you punch someone in the face enough you can somehow decapitate them o_O 2. Don't trust doctors who came over from Europe...

More about the film...

BY THE WAY! That fellow on the cover of the film as seen in the first image is no where to be seen in this film o.O WHO IS HE! D:!
BloodyAdored Monday 8/08/2011 at 04:55 AM | 80235