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This Might Just Be "The Last Horror Movie" You Ever See! - Review

Today's pick was awesome. It's a good break from the crap I've been watching nce I got home from vacation. This was a gem I picked up in a bulk purchase that I had forgot I even owned, now it's going to be one I show everyone who comes over.The Last Horror Movie starts out the same way as The gnal. That's to say, showing us 'another' movie before it jumps into the real movie. During this false film though you'll catch references to Halloween, Friday The 13th, and even The New York Ripper. The effects during this part are also purposely bad.But then the real film kicks in. It would seem that serial killer Max has recorded over the tape we got from the store, to show us what he would conder a much better film. The film in question would be a documentary about his life, as a serial killer. It follows him around his day by day, as he talks about, and shows us, murders and violence.Max is very well acted in this, as is everyone else, but nce he's on screen 99% of the time, I feel I need to ngle him out. In movies that fake a documentary feel, it's very important that the main character not only not look familiar, but also to be acted like some one who isn't acting at all. This is harder to pull off than many hollywood roles.

But Max feels real.

The effects in the movie are done very well. Be it a hammer to the head, or being stabbed repeatedly, it looks real enough. The camera work is excellent, and even chilling at some points. As Max is killing some one's wife in front of her husband, the camera stays on the husband. When he's being killed, it stays on the dead wife. The camera work and the violence in that scene is very profoundly moving.

The messages being passed on through the film are quite disturbing when you think about it. Do we really believe this is fake? If we don't why are we still watching? There's many more questions asked by the film, but I think you owe it to yourself to t down for a viewing and see it yourself. Score - 90% Gore - 9/10

I recommend against the trailer.
HorrorDaily Tuesday 8/09/2011 at 05:42 AM | 80288
"I’m trying to make an intelligent film about murder, whilst actually doing the murders."

Very much enjoyed this film. Really makes you question your own motives in seeking it out. Great review!
dew Wednesday 8/10/2011 at 02:28 AM | 80354
Very good movie, i really enjoyed it.
SplatteriPoika Sunday 9/25/2011 at 01:52 PM | 83246