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Does "PSYCH 9" Do The Genre Justice? : Review

I'm a huge fan of psychological horror, bending the lines of reality with deluon is one of my favorite things you can capture on film. If it's done right like Jacobs Ladder, or Video Dome, but when it's done wrong, you end up with Psych 9.

The story follows Roslyn Hanniger, a married woman working the night shift in an recently closed hospital. Her job is to sort files, and it's just her, and the psychiatrist upstairs left working. She starts a relationship as his patient to deal with the stress of working night shift with a serial killer on the loose. As time goes on, she slowly starts to think that the hospital is some how related to the killings. Is it just paranoia, or is something even more nister going on?

Psych 9 has a very slow first act, which is understandable given the genre, and it's made up for by a extremely entertaining second act. During the second act, much of the back story for our characters comes together, in a non-linear manner, which works really well for the film. But it all falls apart in the third and final act, with a weak twist I spotted a mile away.

The acting is quite good all around, except for the lead role of Roslyn by Sara Foster, I thought her direction in some of the more personal scenes just didn't come off realistic in any sense. For the most part though, she does do a good job, it was just key moments to the film that I felt could of had a stronger impact if she had done a better job.

This is a very effects light movie, so don't expect a lot of blood. The best we get is a little bit of gore, and a poorly done exploon. But nce it's a psychological movie, your not going in for the effects anyway.

I can't see myself watching this one again, half way through the third act I was just wishing it was over. It's worth a viewing if your a fan of the sub-genre, but I can't recommend it to the casual watcher.

Score - 40% Gore - 1/10

HorrorDaily Wednesday 8/10/2011 at 12:26 AM | 80346
Completely agreed... I was going to review this one but I completely forgot about it so I'm glad you did!
BloodyAdored Thursday 8/11/2011 at 12:18 AM | 80395