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New On Blu-Ray/DVD This November: Mortal Kombat - Legacy

Are you excited? Mortal Kombat: Legacy is making its DVD and Blu-Ray debut via Warner Home Entertainment on November 8, and we've got all those lovely details that I'm sure your craving.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy was a 9 episode anthology that was written, directed and edited by superfan Kevin Tancharoen.The series debuted on's YouTube channel on April 11, 2011 and concluded on July 24, 2011. Originally Tancharoen pitched the series to Warner Bros. in the hopes that his re-imagined film would receive the green-light, but the studio declined to back the film. As a result the web series was born.

Blu-ray excluves include:

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Expanding The Netherrealm --Multi-chapter documentary brings the Mortal Kombat universe to life Mortal Kombat: Mysticism - Discover the powers that define the characters Mortal Kombat: Gear - Explore all the weapons that make Mortal Kombat fighting unique

Mortal Kombat: Legacy takes place before the events of the first tournament and tells the background stories of several characters from the franchise, culminating in their reasons for participating in the upcoming tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, on which the first game was based. The series is a non-linear anthology, with each episode independent of the rest, and devoted to the story of a specific character or characters.

Anonymous Friday 8/12/2011 at 02:27 AM | 80491
love mortal kombat, still have and play the original for genes, watched the mini series and actually enjoyed it, spent a couple hours just watching it straight through with my coun, the only thing i didnt like about it was Sonya, felt like she looked to old and was not the right fit for the character but all in all def liked the mini series and if your a fan of Mortal Kombat this is a must watch
FutureZombie Thursday 8/18/2011 at 06:27 PM | 80991
Nice, was wondering when this was going to hit DVD. Been a big fan of MK myself. I remember the corny real-action TV series on USA about 15yrs ago lol. Epic ending to that show :)
Jonny Sicko Tuesday 8/30/2011 at 06:17 PM | 81860