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FOR SALE!!Don Post 2006 Michael Myers mask conversion!!


I don't know is this the right place for selling stuff. If not, please tell me.

I have for sale a nice Don Post 2006 Michael Myers mask. The mask itself was converted by me to look more like from the original Halloween movie. Does it look like from the movie? Of course not but the converon definitely did the job and the mask looks scary and way better than It looked before the paint job!!

The mask was worn only a few times. It's in a great condition, almost like new.

Here are some pics:

Here's pic right after pulling it out of the box:

You can see the diffrence now!

The price is 80 $ but we can negotiate the price!

SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! (I live in Poland)

For more info please PM me!!

jendrij Tuesday 8/16/2011 at 05:38 PM | 80783