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Tom Spina Designs Puts The CAVE Back In Man Cave - Horror Collectors Beware!

Tom Spina's work is verging on legendary and it keeps growing with his latest creation. Yep, a real frick'n MANCAVE here. You don't get something like this by writing checks, we're talking selling souls. So we've got a new look and this is one horror home theater that just got added to your fanboy dream check list, we promise!

Tom Spina Degns, the custom sculpture, display and theming company that created the now famous "Han in Carbonite" home office desk have taken their furniture art to the next level by degning two amazing rooms full of incredible and unusual décor to create a movie prop collector's dream home theater and the ultimate (and literal) Man Cave.

The artists took the client's initial concept of "a cave room" and expanded it with a backstory of rooms constructed inde a cave years ago by a great adventurer, and creating two distinct spaces:

- a gritty and impong Movie Prop Display Room complete with gray rock formations and stalactites peaking out between the faux girders and rusted metal walls from a bygone era.

- and a warm and inviting Home Cinema / Media Room with beautiful brown rock formations loaded with layers of detail and texture.

The final rooms took approximately a week to install, but completely custom built sculpted furniture pieces and rock elements were fabricated ahead of time over the course of many months. A 26 foot long moving truck was needed to transport all of the sculpted rock and other finished elements to the home.

The rooms were degned by Tom Spina, with additional sculpting and specialty fabrication by Richard Riley. The artists' vion took the rooms from completely empty and unpainted spaces into what they are now.

This project is being featured on a dedicated page on the Tom Spina Degns company webte, where you can browse through galleries with dozens of photos including the building progress , final rooms and behind-the-scenes candid pictures. The following link will take you to the full detailed project diary:

The theme rooms were commisoned by Wesley Cannon (owner of and co-founder of Wesely has been a client of Tom Spina Degns for years, utilizing their services for many of the custom movie wardrobe display mannequins featured in his extenve collection.

Wesley's entire family contributed to setting up the room and all were amazed by the final result. Wesley notes, “I've had this dream of a cave room for years. Tom Spina Degns managed to take my idea far beyond what I'd envioned. It was an honor to have Tom and Rich help make this dream come true. It was a wonderful experience to work with the artists during the degn phase and to watch things come together as they were built. They are top-notch guys and if anyone needs any displays, restoration or theming, Tom Spina Degns is the place to go”" class="photoborder" />

About Tom Spina Degns:

Tom Spina Degns is a NY-based company that accepts private commisons to create highly unique sculpture, furniture and themed elements for home theaters, offices, trade shows and more. They also work with movie prop collectors, creating custom displays and offering meticulous restoration services for one-of-a-kind and often fragile original movie props. Other clients include bunesses large and small, themed attractions and a wide range of private collectors.

Those interested in commisoning a theme room or sculpture, or seeing photos and learning more about the artists and their other work can vit the company te, their Facebook page or follow their Twitter account.
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