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Welcome to the ' MURDER PARTY' : Review

Some times a movies cover tells you all you need to know, and with " Everybody Dies..." printed on the cover of Murder Party, compete with a blood covered costumed man holding two chainsaws, what would you expect?Not what you get.

The story follows Chris, a very boring man, who finds an invitation to a costume party, goes home and makes a totally sweet cardboard Knight costume. Upon arriving at the party however, he is tied up by the drugged up art students, who are waiting for a big shot in the art world, who they plan to impress. By killing Chris in the name of art.Murder Party is quite a fun movie, but it's very hard to call it a horror movie. It really leans more towards comedy until near the end, when a character dressed up as the baseball gang from The Warriors, chases out main character around the city screaming "EVERYONE DIES", over and over again. The other characters in the movie seem better suited at accidently killing themselves, then for committing murder.The acting in the movie isn't anything spectacular, for the most the characters come off as if they should be in a Kids In The Hall skit, yet they don't reach that level of annoyance that you find in many low budget b movies. It's really just mediocre.

The effects that they have are done well enough, based on how well the rest of the movie looks. Really, it seems that the movie was aiming to be just mediocre, and I'm ok with that, there's enough crap out there already, some times it's nice to see something middle of the road, that you'll just forget about afterwards. It's fun while it last ,and based on the budget, I'm not holding it against them.

Score - 65% Gore - 4/10
HorrorDaily Wednesday 8/17/2011 at 11:39 PM | 80925
I love this movie!!
Anonymous Wednesday 8/17/2011 at 11:44 PM | 80926
I think they marketed wrong. The box lead me to believe it'd be a lot bloodier, and more horror than comedy.
HorrorDaily Wednesday 8/17/2011 at 11:55 PM | 80927