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More DVD News: German Vampire Flick 'We Are The Night' Receives A Release Date

We just got word that Dennis Gansel's

German vampire thriller We Are The Night is coming our way on DVD from MPI HOME VIDEO next month. The film received a limited theatrical run back in May in which it received mediocre reviews. Look for the blood-sucking flick starring Karoline Herfurth, Jennifer Ulrich and Nina Hoss to hit shelves on September 20th under the IFC Midnight label.

Plot Synops:

Lena (Karoline Herfurth, Perfume: Story of a Murderer) is a troubled young woman from the wrong part of town. Antisocial and self destructive, Lena is caught in a dead end life until she meets Louise. Beautiful and glamorous, Louise is everything Lena is not and Lena cannot help but be flattered by her attention and the promise of a new life and family. A life of power and excitement. A life that will never, ever end. Fresh from the success of his internationally acclaimed The Wave, director Dennis Gansel delivers a darkly sexy spin on the vampire mythos, one where glamour and power come with a price not noticed until it is far too late.

Source: Dread Central
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