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Fright-Rags: Welcome to Fright Night...For Real Shirt (BTS Video)

Fright-Rags Brings you behind the scenes of their new Jerry Dandrige degn before its released. The, Welcome to Fright Night... For Real T-Shirt.

You can buy the shirt excluvely at when it is released. And if anyone hasnt checked out one of the top Horror Clothing Lines out there yet then what are you waiting for... go check them out.

And make sure that you are gned up for their newsletter to get excluve new info on upcoming releases!
deadly cmr Friday 8/19/2011 at 06:56 PM | 81128
I absolutely LOVE Fright Rags!!

I only own 2 shirts... the "You are all my kittens now" Freddy shirt and the Street Trash shirt... I definitely want to get the new release. Muuuuch love.
xStarcasm Friday 8/19/2011 at 09:56 PM | 81140