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Custom Hospital Patient Zombie Figure Now Lurking at an Emergency Room Near You!

One of the hottest new custom figure creators on the planet is currently releang a new zombie lineup and we went to the source himself to find out some more information about his work and how you can order. Feast on all the information below collector lovers.

My internet te name is Ben Franklin and I am a maker of Custom 1/6 Zombie Figures. You can check out all of my figures on my Facebook te Ben Franklin under the album "My Zombie Collection for sale".

I am an avid collector of all related items: Horror, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comics ect. I always wanted a Zombie Army and noticed there were not many figures around for this genre.

I was inspired by deshow Collectibles "The Dead" line of Zombie figures and decided to collect and create my own custom made figures. My collection consts of purchased and mostly custom 1/6 Zombie made by myself. I also network with different sculptors, painters, and horror fanatics to promote, and create new ideas. I create zombies from bits and parts from here and there all over. I sculpt into current figures and create from my mind. After sculpting I paint and piece the clothing for a custom made zombie.

For anyone interested in my Zombies they can go to my Facebook te:

and message me with a request for purchase or request for a custom figure you would like me to create. I then reply back if it is posble and provided a quote. My Zombies cost involves mply how much it cost me to make as well as some time and effort. nce most are custom made by me.... no two zombies are alike.

I take great pride in my work and do this out of love for the genre and pason for the industry. The photo you requested info on is my latest 1/6 scale custom: Hospital Patient Zombie. I hope you enjoy looking thru my Zombies for sale on my page and please email me with any other info needed. I have provided a sample of my work attached." class="photoborder" />

To see even more follow this link:
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