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Final Destination 5, NOT as good

The latest Final Destination movie was a good movie however I think that after the third movie they got a little dumb.

I personaly think they shouldn't have made a 4th and 5th movie, they were fine just how they were.nce the fourth movie was calld The Final Destination they should've stopped them there.

Even though I did think that they should've ended the series at number three I did like the last 2 movies but I liked the fifth the most. I specifically liked the part at the masage place when the dude got killed by the buddah statue after getting stapped those neddles and almost set on fire. I enjoyed the way the movie ended when it turned out that

they were on the same plane that blew up in the first movie.

That scene really made the movie good.

I did think the way that they thought if they killed someone then they would get their life was ridiculous.
vorheesfan79 Friday 9/02/2011 at 01:07 AM | 82057