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On Sale Next Week: Trick 'r Treat Limited Edition T-Shirt/Hoodie Only From FRIGHT RAGS

We've got some great news to report if your a big fan of the the 2007 cult clasc anthology Trick 'r Treat. Everybody's favorite pumpkin-headed munchkin clad in a pajama jumper is back in the form of a T-Shirt and Hoodie, and he's ready to display his ugly mug smack dab in the middle of your chest. Fright Rags who's known throughout the industry for producing high quality horror related shirts will be releang this very limited edition Tee next week.

Please read all the details below to ensure that you don't miss out on this rad piece of clothing(And for the love of God - make sure your already gned up to receive the Fright Rags newsletter. This is the only way that you can obtain the link which allows you to make the purchase)


: This t-shirt will only be available from 12:01am Friday, September 9

through 11:59pm Sunday, September 11. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on September 12, the link to this limited edition t-shirt will no longer be active. Please note that this is Eastern Standard Time, so check your time zone as these times may be earlier or later, depending on where you live.

PRE-ORDER : This shirt will be a pre-order, so please allow approximately 4 weeks to ship your order. Actual shipping trant time will vary based on your location. Any additional (in-stock) shirts added to your order will ship first, so you will not have to wait for those.


PRICE : $25.95 per shirt / $45.95 per hoodie

**Use the Promo Code HORRORBID10 and save 10%
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