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Michael Goi's 'MEGAN IS MISSING' - Must See!

Megan is misng is a film Directed and Written by Michael Goi starring Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn and Dean Waite. The film is all shot as seen through the lenses of webcams, mobile phones and hand held video cameras which capture the day to day lives, secrets, partying, drug use and tragic loss of one girl and the hunt to find her of another!

STORYLINE: Megan Stewart, 14, and her best friend Amy Herman, 13, though oppotes in personality, are best friends. Megan carries the front of being the most popular girl in school, but this masks a lifestyle of hard partying, drugs, alcohol and indiscriminate sex. Amy, unpopular and socially awkward, clings to her relationship with Megan as a lifeline to social acceptance. Together, these two young girls forge a deep friendship based on their mutual needs. The two girls regularly communicate by web chat cameras or cell phone, and even meet boys online. As Megan seeks friends who are different from her usual posse of hanger-ons, she is introduced by a friend online to a 17 year-old boy named Josh in a chat room. Megan and Josh bond quickly, leaving Amy feeling a bit left out. One day, Megan goes to meet Josh in person, and she is never seen again. Amy launches into a concentrated effort to find her friend...

I think this film is a must see as it is roughly based on true events and should be discussed and looked at with attention as the youth of today and a lot of adults use social networking webtes, chat rooms and talking to unknown strangers is becoming the norm.

I see this film as a very true, real life horror!
skum13 Saturday 9/03/2011 at 09:29 AM | 82114