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Kevin Smith has seen "WATCHMEN"!!!!

Smith was raving about the few scenes of WATCHMEN shown at comic con . .. so obviously he pulled some strings and got an advanced showing.

Here's what he had to say,

“I saw Watchmen. It’s fucking astounding. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I gned prevents me from saying much, but I can spout the following with complete joygasmic enthuasm: Snyder and Co. have pulled it off. Remember that feeling of watching n City on the big screen and being blown away by what a faithful translation of the source material it was, in terms of both content and visuals? Triple that, and you’ll come close to watching Watchmen. Even Alan Moore might be surprised at how close the movie is to the book. March can’t come soon enough.”

Yes Kevin, March can't come soon enough . . .
DaShape Saturday 8/16/2008 at 03:56 AM | 16883