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Blood Runs Cold : UK DVD Artwork & Blood Drenched Trailer

Sonny Laguna's Blood Runs Cold, which is on the brink of being released to DVD in the UK (Oct.3), is listed as a "low budget excellent stalk and slash" from Sweden's Stockholm Syndrome Film. Even though the film was produced with a micro budget of $5000, it does promise to be filled with lots of gore, and by the looks of the official trailer they ain't kidding!!

This blood-soaked slasher will be a part of the Bloody Disgusting Selects label once it's released here in the States. Ralf Beck, Hanna Oldenburg, Ellin Hugoson, and Andreas Rylander star in the film.

Plot Synops:

After the first year in her new career, nger Winona heads back to her home town for a few weeks to wind down and find inspiration to write new songs. She finally settles into a house her manager has rented for her, but becomes disturbed by the unsettling noises. When she meets some old friends in town she invites them over to keep her company. At the same time, something remains awake in the house at all times, roaming the corridors, waiting, watching them for the right time to strike.

Source: Dread Central
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