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Preview Clip Of Scott Goldberg's 'THE THREE' : A Short Film Concept

It's always been independent filmmaker Scott Goldberg's dream to bring back "dark horror" to the very genre that we love, and through his self-funded campaign his dream is about to come true with the release of his latest short The Three.

The location of the concept teaser below, is the same location where the cult clasc zombie flick

Day of the Dead

(1985) was filmed, which adds a nice historic element to the film. The reason for choong the location according to Goldberg was "to ensure a vast and deep cavern of locations that enabled a world to be created that not everyone gets to see."

"The problem with the last two decades of horror films is that a lot of them have been copying what's been done before - the same generic formula, which is usually the catalyst for a ineffective and non-frightening horror film. We felt the need to come up with a concept that not only rejected the cliche aspect of horror films, but take it in a unique and new direction" says Goldberg.

The Three is directed, written and produced by Scott Goldberg who is an award-winning filmmaker from Long Island, New York who has several award-winning films in the festival circuit. His films have ranged from being politically aware, to dramatic horror-themed stories that underline a dark tone and sadness; a quality that he feels needs to resurrect again in horror films of today.


Lori Cardille as Dr. Lauren Fisher John Amplas as Dr. James L. Fisher Jesse Lafferty as Jake Fisher, #1, #2, and #3 Robert Youngren as Dr. William Plainview Bob Socci as Dr. Daniel Fredricks Robert Arensen as Dr. John Miller Zackary J. Lunge as Montauk Boy

Look for this proming short to be released on January 1, 2012.

Plot Synops:

After long their son in the Iraq War, James L. Fisher and Lauren Fisher create three human replica prototype soldiers to put in harms way while bringing the American troops back home from wars overseas. Due to unfortunate circumstances with their environment, humanity ceases to exist,caung the three human replica soldiers to wake up isolated and without supervion.

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