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SCREAM 4 Deleted/Alternate Scenes Images

With the DVD/Blu-ray release of Scream 4 literally just around the corner, screener copies have begun to surface, and with that brings us several new images, including an alternate opening from the movie which were cut out from the theatrical veron of the film.

The October 4th release of Scream 4 is rumored to contain a staggering 26 minutes worth of deleted/alternate scenes. Here are just a few of these scenes in still form to tide you over.

Here’s the full rundown of all the alternate/deleted scenes:

Alternate Opening Extended Ending Dewey and Gale at Home Jill and Trevor at School (Extended) Crime Scene Discusng the Murder Dewey’s Test Kate Outde Olivia’s House Woodsboro Remake Gale on the Trail Trevor Vits Jill in the Hospital dney and Gale in the Hospital Rebecca in the Parking Lot (Alternate) Ghost Face Test Shot Perkins Stands Guard Kirby with the Boys Charlie and Robbie Set Up Stabathon Dewey Vits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate) Trevor and Jill Look for Jill’s Phone Robbie Outde Kirby’s House

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