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This Truly Is 'A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE': Review

I had seen a lot about A Horrible Way To Die over the last couple months, but never really gave it any thought, to which I'm glad. It came as a treat when I turned this one on, and it blew me away as a pleasure to watch.

Sarah is attending AA meetings after getting out of a bad relationship. Well, it wouldn't of been a bad relationship if she didn't find out her boyfriend was a serial killer. Now her man Garrick has broken out of jail, and is killing his way through town, and just when Sarah was starting to get close to fellow AA attendie Kevin. A Horrible Way To Die is told half in flashback, we know because Garrick has a beard, and half in present time. The choice to do this works really well to ease us into the story, without having to shotgun expotion at us. The camera work leaves something to be dered though, as it shakes around far too much, which personally gave me a headache.AJ Bowen, who you may known from House Of The Devil, Hatchet II, or The gnal, plays the serial killer Garrick Turrell, and what an amazing job he does. He really adds personality to the role, more so in his subtle movements than in his dialog. Bowen seems to be aimming for genre star, as almost everything he's done in horror, and is even attached to the upcoming Danielle Harris' film Among Friends.

Joe Swanberg does a great job in the akward role of Kevin, and really helps make the movie what it is.

There isn't a lot of gore in the film, despite what the title might make you think. That being said, there is a couple chilling moments, the discovery of a body, a knife slowly dragged across flesh. There is some moments when I wanted to see what the characters saw, or what became of them, but the director decided against it, only giving us quick flashes.

A Horrible Way To Die is avalible On Demand, and I suggest you check it out, the movie is well put together, and the ending is just chilling.

Score - 85% Gore - 7/10

Written at friends house, couldn't get picture in time before leaving.
HorrorDaily Friday 9/16/2011 at 07:10 PM | 82826
im interested, but im also curious to your 7/10 gore rating if the film wasn't gory (?)
Matt_Molgaard Friday 9/16/2011 at 10:18 PM | 82834
There's one quick scene, there's a couple scenes, one only goes by in a second, and another one that's visually disturbing.
HorrorDaily Saturday 9/17/2011 at 12:32 AM | 82843