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The Elimination Process Has Begun : 'Filth to Ashes Flesh to Dust' New Trailer

Purge: To put to death, eliminate what is underable. The serial killer Purge lived and died by this code. But is he dead? A group of college-bound friends are about to find out as they venture into the devil's den.

That's the official plot synops for Paul Morrell'supcoming slasher flick Filth to Ashes Flesh to Dust which is due out on September 30th from Midnight Releang.

Dig on the new trailer and artwork below which we just got our hands on:

Filth to Ashes Flesh to Dust stars Meredith Laine, Linda Bella, Allison Ochmanek, Derrick Bishop, Anton Troy and Teodorico Paul Sajor.

Source: Dread Central
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